Clever Uses for Ordinary Kitchen Sponges

Kitchen sponge is maybe a stuff that we always see and purchase. If you had a couple of sponges in your kitchen, you have to keep it instead of throw it away. Why you should do this? It is because in fact kitchen sponges can do much more than just wash your dishes. Here are some innovative ways that use sponges for making many new and interesting things.

  1. Damp Sponge for Absorbing a Refrigerator’s Odor

The first creative way is using kitchen sponge for absorbing the bad odors on your fridge. How to make it? You just need to sprinkle some baking soda in a damp sponge (this is not a wet sponge). After that, you just need to simply place it in your fridge. It will absorb the odor effectively.

  1. Cleaning narrow vases and containers

The second idea by using the kitchen sponges are uses them to clean the narrow vases, bottles or containers. You just need to cut small part of kitchen sponge. After that, tied it up in the end of a chopstick and it is ready to use for cleaning vases and many narrow containers.

  1. Kitchen Sponges for Preventing your Furniture

Is it really? Yes it is. You just need to cut the kitchen sponges into some small pieces. After that, attach these small pieces of sponges to the bottom of your decorations, the legs of your furniture or on the stands of picture frame. These small pieces of kitchen sponges will prevent you décor, furniture or picture frame from any scratches when it is moved around. It will prevent your floor from scratches as well.

  1. Kitchen Sponges for Gardening

What we mean here is that in fact kitchen sponge can be really useful for some plants that are planted in pot. You can cut a piece of sponge that fit properly with a pot that you will use. After that, place this piece of sponge in the bottom of a pot. This sponge will be able to soak up water and it will help the root of your plants to stay moist.

  1. Kitchen Sponges to make a nail polish remove jar

Yes, a kitchen sponge can be a perfect tool to remove your nail polish. To make it, you just need to prepare a small jar. Cut a piece of sponge based on the size of that jar. Place the kitchen sponge in that jar. After that, water this sponge with water or the other liquids that can be used to remove the nail polish. If you wanted to use it, you just need to put your finger on it and move it slowly until the nail police is perfectly removed.

  1. Soap Place

The next idea is to use a kitchen sponge as a place for your soap. You just need to place a bar soap on top of a sponge. It will dry out your bar soap quickly and making your bar soap last longer.